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Ponomar Wiki

The Ponomar Wiki is a collaborative work environment for a number of Orthodox liturgics and linguistics projects. New volunteers are welcome! This Wiki is part of the Ponomar Project.

Editing Liturgical Texts

This portion of the Ponomar Wiki is used for documenting errors in liturgical texts. Errors in various liturgical texts are recorded on the appropriate pages. To contribute errors, please create a log-in.

Liturgical Standardization

Various documents are published in this section concerning standards for liturgical texts, liturgical language, or terminology. The following are presently available:

Znamenny Notation Manual

This Wiki hosts a collaborative project to develop a manual for Znamenny neumatic notation.

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Disclaimer: all information published in this Wiki is provided with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, not even the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a purpose, or non-infringement. The authors of this Wiki are independent scholars with no institutional affiliations. No portion of the content of this Wiki has been approved or endorsed by any bishop, Synod, or other ecclesiastical entity.

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