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About the Ponomar Project

The Ponomar Project was conceived in 2004 as a computer program that would provide daily calendar information. Throughout the years, the project has grown in scope, goals, and technical complexity. Technical limitations associated with working with liturgical data on the computer as well as our coming aware of a variety of issues in modern liturgical practice have led to the expansion of this project both along a practical and a theoretical dimension. In addition to active development of computer software, for example, we are involved in a variety of research projects in liturgics and the related disciplines of musicology, linguistics and typography.

Our Contributors

Aleksandr Andreev

Aleksandr Andreev is a graduate student at St. Petersburg Theological Academy, where he is writing his dissertation, entitled The Reform of the Hirmologion in the 17th Century. Previously, he received a B.S. in Economics and Mathematics from Duke University (summa cum laude), and an M.S. in Economics from the University of North Carolina. He also teaches Liturgics at the Pastoral School of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and at the Summer School of Liturgical Music in Jordanville, New York. He has wide ranging interests in liturgics, liturgical music, Church Slavonic, liturgical translation, computer programming, and typography. Aleksandr founded the Ponomar Project in 2005.

Websites: |
Mitrophan Chin

Mitrophan Chin joined the Ponomar Project in 2009. He holds a B.A. in Geography and East Asian Studies from Boston University (1995). He coordinated the release of Hanzi Bitmap Font (HBF) File Format version 1.1 in 1994 and contributed to the Request for Comment (RFC-1922) of Chinese Character Encoding for Internet Messages in 1996. Mitrophan was raised in non-denominational Chinese Evangelicalism in Boston and received into Holy Orthodoxy at St Mary's Antiochian Orthodox Church, Cambridge, MA during Pascha, 2001. He and his wife Michelle were married in 2002 and blessed with two sons and a baby daughter. Mitrophan completed the three year St Stephen's Theology Course in 2006. He currently serves as the President of the Orthodox Fellowship of All Saints of China and webmaster of the Orthodoxy in China portal.
Website: Orthodoxy in China
Nikita Simmons

Nikita Simmons studied theology at Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Theological Seminary (Jordanville, NY) and music at the University of Southern Maine (Portland & Gorham, ME). He researches medieval Russian singing, and has participated in a number of Church Music conferences in the USA and Finland. Nikita has also taught Znamenny Chant notation, repertoire and techniques (as well as Church Slavonic language) in the Old Rite communities of Erie, Pennsylvania and Woodburn, Oregon. Nikita joined the Ponomar Project in 2010.


JOIN THE PONOMAR PROJECT The Ponomar Project is entirely the work of enthusiasts. If you can devote time to the project, contact us.