The 19th Day of the MONTH OF JULY

Commemoration of Our Venerable Mother Macrina,

Sister of Saint Basil the Great

Commemoration of Our Venerable Father Dius


On “Lord, I have cried…”, 6 stichera: 3 for the venerable Macrina, in Tone IV: Spec. Mel.: “Thou hast given a sign…” —

Living in purity, thou didst preserve thy virginity uncorrupted and undefiled, and thou didst distribute thy riches, fulfilling the commandment of Christ, Whom thou didst follow, forsaking the world and that which is in the world. Wherefore, Jesus, Who loveth mankind, the Savior of our souls, hath given thee heaven and the things of heaven.

Thou didst show forth what is philosophical, spiritual, self-determined and immortal. Wherefore, thou didst strive not to sully thyself with the filth of sin, and wast untouched by any mire; neither didst thou indulge in carnal union, having no impurity or blemish, O thou who pleased God; but, pure and immaculate, thou standest before thy Bridegroom.

Thy radiant countenance was illumined with splendor; and when thou didst die, O all-praised one, Christ glorified thee as His godly virgin, merciful and splendid, full of compassion and divinely eloquent; for, having lived an angelic life on earth, thou didst please God with the radiance of thy life.

And 3 stichera of the venerable Dius, in the same tone: Spec. Mel.: “As one valiant among the martyrs…” —

Ever illumined by thy divine splendors in soul and mind, and honoring thy splendid feastday with supplication, we praise thee, O blessed one, as a universal star who shone forth noetically in the firmament of the Church, O sacred wonderworker, thou adornment of monastics.

Like another Aaron thou wast the cause of divine sanctification through the budding of thy staff, O father; like another Moses, O venerable one, thou didst bring forth water from a rock; like another Elijah thou didst raise up a dead man by thy prayer, being made wondrous through great miracles and resplendent in divine fame, O divinely wise Dius, who art most rich.

Receiving spiritual radiance most manifestly, thou didst drive away evil spirits and didst show sacred care for men’s souls; and therein are multitudes ever saved who with faith honor thy memory, thy splendid struggles and all-glorious miracles, O Dius, boast of the fathers.

Glory…, Now & ever…: Theotokion, in the same tone & melody —

O most pure one, Who contained within thy womb the infinite God Who, in His love for mankind, became man and received our form from thee: Disdain me not who now am sorrowful; but quickly take pity on me, and free me from the multifarious enmity and harm of the evil one.

Stavrotheotokion, in the same melody —

As she beheld Thee, the Lamb and Shepherd, upon the Tree, the ewe-lamb who gave birth to Thee lamented and exclaimed to Thee maternally: “O my Son most desired! How is it that Thou hast been suspended upon a Tree, O Long-suffering One? How is it that Thy hands and feet have been pierced by nails by the iniquitous, O Word? How hast Thou shed Thy blood, O Master?”

Troparion of the venerable Macrina, in Tone VIII —

In thee, O mother, that which was created according to the image of God was manifestly saved; for, accepting thy cross, thou didst follow after Christ; and, praying, thou didst learn to disdain the flesh, for thou didst transcend it, and to take care of thy soul, for it is a thing immortal. Wherefore, thy soul doth rejoice with the angels, O venerable Macrina.

Troparion of the venerable Dius, in Tone I —

A desert-dweller, an angel in the body and a wonderworker thou wast shown to be, O our God-bearing father Dius. Having received heavenly gifts through fasting, vigil and prayer, thou dost heal the infirm and the souls of those who have recourse unto thee in faith. Glory to Him Who hath given thee strength! Glory to Him Who hath crowned Thee! Glory to Him Who worketh healings for all through thee!


One canon from the Octoechos, with 6 troparia; and two canons for the venerable ones, with 8 troparia.

Ode I

Canon of the Venerable Macrina, the acrostic whereof is: “I crown thee, O Macrina, the pure bride of Christ”, in Tone IV —

Irmos: I will open my mouth, and with the Spirit will it be filled; and I shall utter discourse unto the Queen and Mother, and shall appear, keeping splendid festival; and, rejoicing, I will hymn her wonders.

O most glorious Macrina, entreat the all-pure Bridegroom, the Beauty of our souls, Whom, desiring, thou didst love with all thy heart, that He enlighten those who hymn thee.

As an abyss of goodness past understanding, O Christ, Thou didst glorify the blameless and all-glorious Macrina, Thine undefiled bride, who was transfixed with desire for Thee.

O divinely wise Macrina, thou boast of virginity, thou didst zealously preserve thy life intact through abstinence, having made thy flesh subject to the spirit.

Theotokion: Christ, Who shone forth from thy womb, O Bride of God, hath radiantly shone forth in the hearts of those who with faith honor thee as the Mother of God and caused a splendid day to dawn.

Canon of the Venerable Dius, in the same tone —

Irmos: Having traversed the depths of the Red Sea with dryshod feet, Israel of old vanquished the might of Amalek in the wilderness by Moses’ arms stretched out in the form of the Cross.

Made ever beautiful by thy yearning for God, thou didst take up thy cross and follow after Christ, O Dius, mortifying carnal-mindedness through asceticism.

Thou didst rise early unto the glory of the never-setting Sun, O venerable one, and wast a most splendid star, illumining the faithful with the radiance of thy virtues and miracles, O blessed one.

Thou didst withdraw thy thoughts from the beautiful things of the world, O all-wise one, and becamest a true lover of heavenly glory, having conquered the incorporeal foe and the flesh through divine grace.

Theotokion: Thou wast the habitation of the noetic Sun Who hath piously illumined us with divine splendors and dispelled the gloom of ignorance, O most immaculate Ever-virgin.


Canon of the Venerable Macrina

Irmos: Neither in wisdom, nor in power, nor yet in riches do we boast, but in Thee, O Christ, the hypostatic Wisdom of the Father; for none is holy save Thee, O Thou Who lovest mankind.

Adorned with God-given beauty and grace and the nobility of the martyrs, and descended from honorable lineage, thou didst emulate their godly conduct.

Submitting to the law of God, O virgin, thou didst forsake the turmoil of life and didst flee its tumult, restraining thy desires with fasting and prayers.

Thou didst love holiness from thine earliest years, O Macrina, and, watched over by thy mother’s eyes, thou didst remain incorrupt and undefiled.

Theotokion: O most immaculate Virgin Maiden, we know thee to be the ground which, without seed, sprouted forth the Grain of life for us; and, made steadfast thereby, we call thee blessed.

Canon of the Venerable Dius

Irmos: Thy Church rejoiceth in Thee, O Christ, crying aloud: Thou art my strength, O Lord, my refuge and my consolation!

Shining with divine splendors, thou hast become a beacon guiding those who approach thee with faith, O blessed one.

Thou didst guide toward life those who followed thee well, O venerable one; for by divine power thou didst slay the passions of the flesh.

Thou hast been divinely united with those in heaven, O our God-bearing father Dius, for thou didst live an angelic life on earth.

Theotokion: He Who dwelleth in the heavens made His abode within thee, O pure one. Him do thou earnestly beseech, that He save the souls of those who hymn thee.

Kontakion of the venerable Dius, in Tone II: Spec. Mel.: “The steadfast…” —

Divinely armed with purity of soul, and mightily wielding unceasing prayer as a spear, thou didst cut down hordes of the demons. O Dius, our wonder-working father, pray thou unceasingly for us all.

Sessional hymn of the venerable Macrina, in Tone IV: Spec. Mel.: “Go thou quickly before…” —

Shining forth today, thy divine memory hath appeared to the world like the sun, recounting thy life, O Macrina; for, suppressing the uprisings of the flesh through abstinence from childhood, thou becamest the bride of Christ. Wherefore, deliver those who praise thee from all evils.

Glory…: Sessional hymn of the venerable Dius, in Tone VIII: Spec. Mel.: “Of the Wisdom…” —

Offered to God from thy childhood, and pleasing Him utterly until the end of thy life, O our venerable father, thou didst receive spiritual gifts, didst drive out a multitude of demons with grace, and didst raise up a monastery for the praise of the Lord. For this cause thou wast most gloriously vouchsafed to resurrect the dead by thy tireless prayer, O all-praised one. Wherefore, we cry out to thee: Entreat Christ God, that He grant remission of sins unto those who honor thy holy memory with love.

Now & ever…: Theotokion —

Let us hymn the portal of heaven, the ark, the all-holy mountain, the radiant cloud, the bush unburnt, the noetic garden of paradise, the restoration of Eve, the great treasure of the whole world, for in her hath salvation and the remission of the ancient offenses been wrought for the world. Entreat thy Son, that He grant remission of transgressions unto those who piously worship thy most holy Offspring.

Stavrotheotokion —

The ewe-lamb, beholding the Lamb, Shepherd and Deliverer upon the Cross, exclaimed, weeping, and bitterly lamenting, cried out: “The world rejoiceth, receiving deliverance through Thee, but my womb doth burn, beholding Thy crucifixion, which Thou endurest in the loving-kindness of Thy mercy. O long-suffering Lord, Thou abyss and inexhaustible wellspring of mercy, take pity and grant remission of offenses unto those who with faith hymn Thy divine sufferings!”

Ode IV

Canon of the Venerable Macrina

Irmos: Seated in glory upon the throne of the Godhead, Jesus most divine hath come on a light cloud, and with His incorrupt arm hath saved those who cry: Glory to Thy power, O Christ!

Having mortified thyself to the world and the things of the world, with divine desire thou didst undertake to live for God alone, desiring the beauty of thy Bridegroom Who preserved thee incorrupt and pure, O most honored one.

Emulating Thecla, the honorable protomartyr, and truly imitating her divine life, thou didst fittingly receive a name from on high through divine inspiration.

Like the matron of honor at a wedding, O Macrina, thou didst conduct virgins to the virginal Word Who shone forth from the Virgin; wherefore, thou didst manifestly show forth dispassion through dispassionate union and emulation.

Theotokion: Streams of the gifts of God, springs of healing and bestowals of divine riches are given by the life-creating hand of the Almighty, Who was born of thy womb, O Bride of God.

Canon of the Venerable Dius

Irmos: Beholding Thee lifted up upon the Cross, O Sun of righteousness, the Church stood rooted in place, crying out as is meet: Glory to Thy power, O Lord!

Illumining thy mind with the immaterial radiance of the Spirit, thou didst consider the falsehood of the flesh to be but a dream, O God-bearer, looking toward the city of the Most High which is to come.

Appearing to the imperial city like a rain-bearing cloud, thou didst let fall the torrents of the Holy Spirit and didst show most beautiful care for men’s souls.

Having slain thyself to sin through asceticism, with the help of God thou didst give life to the dead, O venerable one, and hast poured forth the water of compunction upon us who keep thy memory.

Theotokion: O Virgin, we have come to know thee as a luminous lamp who bore the divine Effulgence in thy womb. Wherefore, we entreat thee: With thy light illumine the souls of all who hymn thee.

Ode V

Canon of the Venerable Macrina

Irmos: The ungodly perceive not Thy glory, O Christ; but, waking at dawn out of the night, we hymn Thee, O Only-begotten One Who lovest mankind, Thou effulgence of the glory of the Father’s divinity.

Thou couldst not bear to have thy comely and godly beauty of soul defiled by the passions, O goodly virgin, having understood the ineffable beauty of thine honored Bridegroom.

Having been deified by the mighty consolation of Christ, thou didst firmly and steadfastly mortify the great tumult of the passions, rising early out of the night and glorifying the Lord.

Thou didst keep thine understanding firmly on Christ, for upon Him didst thou cast thyself from thy mother’s womb, O immaculate one, and to Him didst thou commit thy soul and body, fasting from thy youth.

Theotokion: Thou gavest birth to Christ, the Deliverer of all, Who of His own will assumed the form of us who have fallen into corruption, and hath elevated us to ineffable glory, O Mother of God.

Canon of the Venerable Dius

Irmos: Thou hast come, O my Lord, as a light into the world: a holy light turning from the darkness of ignorance those who hymn Thee with faith.

Standing on the sacred mountain of life, thou didst destroy the passions by the ascent of thy heart, and drewest nigh unto God.

Like the staff of Aaron, O God-bearer, by a strange budding forth thou becamest a pure and divine sacred object for the Master.

O the divine gifts given thee by God! For digging with thy prayers thou didst produce living water from the bosom of the earth, O father.

Theotokion: Neither the intelligence of angels nor that of men can describe the inconceivable depths of thy strange birthgiving, O most immaculate one.

Ode VI

Canon of the Venerable Macrina

Irmos: I will sacrifice to Thee with a voice of praise, O Lord, the Church crieth unto Thee, cleansed of the blood of demons by the blood which, for mercy’s sake, flowed from Thy side.

Thy whole mind, bearing thy personal virtue, planted pious and divine teachings, manifestly causing desire for Christ to grow forth.

Hymning Christ with unceasing prayers, thou didst draw forth from Him steadfast aid, O virgin, and didst preserve the divine grace of virginity.

With a crown of gifts Christ crowned thee as a pure virgin and instructor of a choir of virgins; and He made thee to dwell in the mansions of heaven, O divinely wise one.

Theotokion: O most immaculate one, thou didst ineffably give birth to God the Word, Who became truly incarnate, and in a unity He joined two natures which before were separate.

Canon of the Venerable Dius

Irmos: Same as that of the preceding canon.

Thou didst elevate the desire of thy heart to God, didst lay the passions low, and didst destroy the savagery of the demons, O God-bearer, thou immovable foundation of monastics.

Through asceticism thou didst smite Egypt with plagues, O father, and didst free from the bondage of the passions a multitude of those unattached and those married, who piously followed thee, O venerable one.

Rich in the virtues and full of the radiance of miracles, O divinely wise Dius, thou didst pass over to the city on high, and thou prayest that thy flock be delivered from misfortunes.

Theotokion: Mortify the passions of my soul, O most immaculate one who gavest birth to the Life of all ineffably, and bring peace to my troubled mind, O Maiden.

Kontakion of the venerable Macrina, in Tone IV: Spec. Mel.: “Thou hast appeared…” —

Thou didst love the good God with all thy heart, O venerable Macrina, and, taking His precious Cross upon thy shoulder, thou didst zealously follow after Him. Wherefore, thou hast found forgiveness of offenses.


Canon of the Venerable Macrina

Irmos: O all-hymned Lord God of our fathers, Who saved the children of Abraham in the fire, slaying the Chaldæans whom justice rightly overtook: blessed art Thou!

Desiring Christ alone, and manifestly wounded with perfect love, thou didst cry out: “I hasten after Thee, O all-hymned Lord God of our fathers! Blessed art Thou!”

Rejecting the passions and their greatly vexing movements, thou didst clothe thyself in the splendid raiment of dispassion, crying: O all-hymned Lord God of our fathers, blessed art Thou!

Casting down the bestial and vaunted arrogance of the enemy, the author of evil, thou didst receive the trophy of victory, O right lauded one, chanting: O Lord God of our fathers, blessed art Thou!

Theotokion: With thy maternal boldness thou didst break asunder the bonds of the offenses of those who piously hymn thy birthgiving with faith, O Virgin.

Canon of the Venerable Dius

Irmos: The children of Abraham in the Persian furnace, afire with love of piety more than with the flame, cried out: Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy glory, O Lord!

Thou didst make thy heart a habitation for the Trinity. Wherefore, thou didst show goodly care for monastics, O God-bearer, crying aloud: Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy glory, O Lord!

Causing the wellspring of thy miracles to gush forth, O divinely wise father, thou didst pour forth the water of salvation for those who commemorate thy repose, O wondrous Dius, all-radiant beacon of monastics.

Having adorned thy life with the virtues, thou becamest wholly radiant, a pillar of light, a guide for those who chant: Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy glory, O Lord!

Theotokion: Our holy God manifestly made thee more holy than the cherubim, O Maiden, sanctifying those who chant: Blessed art thou among women, O all-immaculate Mistress!


Canon of the Venerable Macrina

Irmos: The birthgiving of the Theotokos saved the pious children in the furnace — then in figure, but now in deed — and it moveth all the world to chant to Thee: Hymn ye the Lord and exalt Him supremely for all ages!

In sacred manner didst thou lead a pure life, O divinely inspired one, and didst show thyself to be an offering which cannot be stolen, a hidden thing of beauty, and a godly adornment, crying out: Hymn the Lord, ye works, and exalt Him supremely for all ages!

Clad in the mortification of the passions, thou didst pass over to divine immortality, having ­mastered the excellent things of philosophy, thine immortal and self-determined soul crying out: Hymn the Lord and exalt Him supremely for all ages!

Having illumined thy mind and countenance with the splendor of the thrice radiant effulgence, O thou who art all-rich, thou didst fall into a blessed repose, beholding with gladness Him Whom thou hadst desired, and crying aloud: Hymn the Lord and exalt Him supremely for all ages!

Theotokion: We hymn and supremely exalt for all ages thee, the Mother of God, the all-holy ark overshadowed by the divine Spirit, who gavest birth to the preëternal and ever-existing Word, Who became man in His ineffable loving-kindness.

Canon of the Venerable Dius

Irmos: Stretching forth his hands, Daniel shut the lions’ mouths in the pit; and the young lovers of piety, girded about with virtue, quenched the power of the fire, crying out: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

By the sprouting of thy staff God revealed thy soul to be fruitful, O all-wise one, at God’s behest nurturing a multitude of monks, the fertile gardens of the Word, with sustenance in paradise; and they cry: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

Illumined with divine beauties, thy mind hath become comely. And now, ever deified by partaking of purity, thou hast attained the uttermost of good things, chanting: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

That we may honor thee, holding festival with joyous voices, O Dius, ever save thy flock, which celebrateth thy memory, and guide to the portals of life those who chant: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

Theotokion: Containing God, O all-pure Mary, thou wast shown to be more spacious than the heavens. Him do thou entreat, that He save me from the besetting passions and deliver me from the coming dread judgment, for I cry: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

Ode IX

Canon of the Venerable Macrina

Irmos: Eve, through weakness, abode under the curse of disobedience; but thou, O Virgin Theotokos, hast put forth blessing for the world through the Offspring of thy child-bearing. Wherefore, we all magnify thee.

Having truly emulated the rich mercy of God, thou didst repose, nurturing all those who were afflicted with poverty, O all-praised one; wherefore, the Merciful One hath glorified thee who showed thyself to be merciful.

Thou hast stood before the face of God, O most lauded one, for thou wast radiant, adorned with life and discourse and all manner of praises, shining in the nobility of thy race with most exalted ascents.

Thou hast gone to dwell in the all-beauteous bridal-chamber, in the temple of heaven, O virgin Macrina, where thou abidest with thy kinsmen who were holy hierarchs. Beseech the Lord with boldness, that He save those who hymn thee.

Theotokion: The Fruit of thy womb is beauteous in comeliness and splendid beyond all others; for thou, O Virgin Theotokos, gavest birth to God incarnate, Who manifested Himself, that He might save man. Wherefore, we all magnify thee.

Canon of the Venerable Dius

Irmos: Christ, the Chief Cornerstone uncut by human hands, Who united the two disparate natures, was cut from thee, the unquarried mountain, O Virgin. Wherefore, in gladness we magnify thee, O Theotokos.

With joy do we honor and with piety do we praise thee, O father who, by the goodly form of thy virtues, didst show thyself to be like an angel and didst soar aloft to the heavens on golden wings.

Shining forth from the east like the greatly radiant sun, O Dius, thou didst richly shed everywhere the splendor of thy virtues and miracles, illumining the ends of the world.

Luminous with the splendor of the virtues, O father, thou didst pass over, rejoicing, to the never-waning Light, and hast made thine abode where the souls of the venerable are. Pray thou in behalf of thy flock.

Theotokion: Take pity on me, O Christ the Word, when thou comest with glory to judge the world, having the Ever-virgin Theotokos, the ranks of the angels and the assemblies of the venerable entreating Thee.